Thawing of frozen chicken feet

Nowadays, there are more and more snacks. Among all the snacks, chicken feet are very popular. Whether it is watching TV series or watching movies, you can have a good time while eating chicken feet. And chicken feet contain rich calcium and collagen, eat more can soften blood vessels, but also have the role of maintaining beauty. Because chicken feet have a short shelf life, which makes storing and shipping difficult, so chicken feet are usually frozen, so how do you defrost chicken feet? Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s frozen chicken feet microwave defrosting equipment can defrost chicken feet very well.

Advantages of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen chicken feet

1.Microwave processing time is greatly shortened, with the characteristics of short time and fast speed

Frozen chicken feet microwave defrosting machine is a new way of thawing, using microwave to defrost, and microwave can directly act on the inside of the frozen chicken feet, when the inside and outside of the frozen chicken feet defrost at the same time, defrosting speed is very fast, a few minutes can be completed defrosting.

2.Keep the nutrition and traditional flavor of frozen chicken feet

The traditional thawing method can only be thawed without sterilization, and the frozen chicken feet microwave thawing machine can be in a lower temperature for sterilization, a short time to complete the thawing can also ensure that the nutrients of the frozen chicken feet are not destroyed, so as to ensure the nutrition and traditional flavor of the frozen chicken feet.

3.No additional heat loss

Microwave thawing machine’s microwave directly acts on the frozen chicken feet, the equipment itself does not need heating, no heat conduction process, will not cause additional heat loss, thus saving energy to the greatest extent.

4.Surface and interior are affected at the same time, and thawed evenly and thoroughly.

Because microwave penetration is very strong, so use microwave defrosting machine to defrost, can make the inside and outside of frozen chicken feet defrost at the same time, so as to ensure that the thaw evenly and thoroughly.

5.The equipment is flexible and easy to control

Although it is mechanized operation, microwave defrosting equipment is small in size and equipped with automatic control system, so it is very convenient to use and simple to operate.

Model and technical parameters of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen chicken feet

Rated input powerThree-phase five-wire 380V±10%   50Hz±1%
Rated input apparent power≤50 KVA
Microwave output power≥40kW(Adjustable continuously)
Microwave output frequency915±25MHZ
Frozen water flow≥8L/min  (Cooling water is clean water, energy-saving microwave thawing equipment, no impurities and suspended matter, PH value 6.5-8.5)
Microwave mode of operationWaveguide input dimensions(L×W×H)
Technical standardMicrowave leakage conforms to the national GB10436-89 standard
Product shape size(L×W×H)About:10455mm×820mm×1900mm

Comparison of microwave defrosting equipment of frozen chicken feet with traditional defrosting method

  1. Defrost efficiency

Traditional thawing methods are mostly water thawing and natural thawing, both of which are carried out from the outside to the inside, so the thawing time is relatively long, ranging from a few hours to a few days, so the thawing efficiency is very low.

  1. Nutrition and taste

In the traditional thawing method, the thawed frozen chicken feet for a long time will cause the loss of nutrition and make the taste change, while the microwave thawing equipment will not have such a situation, the thawed frozen chicken feet taste rich and healthy.

The frozen chicken feet are very popular with consumers after being processed by frozen chicken feet microwave defrosting equipment, which is not much different from fresh chicken feet, we have to say that microwave technology has brought us very great convenience. Now the application of microwave technology is very extensive, such as frozen shrimp microwave defrosting equipment, tea mushroom microwave drying equipment, jujube microwave sterilization equipment, and so on, have added a lot of color to our life.

I believe that under the leadership of microwave technology, our life will be better and better!