Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine, take you into a healthy life

Shrimp and meat food are nutritious and tasty. They are indispensable food on our table.Food across the sea can keep fresh and delicious without the help of advanced freezing and thawing technology. Shrimp meat microwave thawing equipment protects your healthy life.

Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine

Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat:

  1. The microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat has a fast speed. Microwave can heat the inside and outside of the material simultaneously without conduction process. For example, microwave can raise a piece of meat in 25 kg from – 15 ℃ to – 4 ℃ in 2 minutes.
  2. Microwave shrimp meat thawing equipment saves space.Microwave thawing does not require a large number of shelves and occupies a small space.
  3. Microwave shrimp meat thawing machine is safe and hygienic. Microwave shrimp meat thawing machine can heat the food in the package directly, and the product has no bacterial growth.
  4. Microwave shrimp meat thawing machinesaves resources. Microwave shrimp meat thawing equipment consumes only a small amount of electricity. Compared with water thawing method, it can save precious water resources. A processing plant has eight self-contained wells, pumping water continuously from underground for 24 hours before it can be used in the upper thawing workshop.
  5. Shrimp meat microwave thawing machinekeeps material integrity. Microwave thawing will not cause the loss of raw materials, and obviously improve product quality.
  6. The frozen products of shrimp meat are uniform after thawing bymicrowave thawing machine. Microwave heating both inside and outside of the material at the same time, and the overall quality of thawed products is good.
  7. Microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meatprotects the environment. Microblog thawing process does not produce harmful substances such as sewage and exhaust gas, which belongs to environment-friendly equipment.

Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine  Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine

Principle of microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat:

Similar to microwave drying equipment, the principle of microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat is that microwave generates “internal friction heat” by high-frequency reciprocating movement of dipole molecules inside the heated body, heating frozen products from – 42 to – 18 degrees Celsius, so that both inside and outside of them can be heated to – 2 degrees Celsius simultaneously without dripping water.

Without any heat conduction process, the material can be heated both inside and outside at the same time. The heating speed is fast and uniform, and only a fraction or a few tens of the energy consumption of the traditional heating method is needed.

Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine

There are many methods of thawing, common methods as follows:

  1. Air thawing method

The frozen meat is moved to the thawing room and thawed by heat exchange between the air medium and the frozen meat.

This is a primitive thawing method with low cost and easy operation, but the thawing speed is slow.

In higher temperature thawing, the temperature difference between the surface and the interior of meat is large, which can easily cause discoloration, drying, dust contamination, bacteria breeding and so on. When thawing with air, certain factors such as wind speed, temperature and humidity must be taken into account in order to ensure product quality.

Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine

  1. Liquid thawing method

The liquid thawing method mainly uses the method of water immersion or spraying.

Water consumption is large, it will lose part of protein and extract, meat color changes, fragrance weakens. Water temperature is 10 C, thawing 20 h; water temperature is 20 C, thawing 10-11 H. The thawed meat, because of its wet surface, needs to be dried at air temperature of about 1 C.

Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine

  1. Steam thawing

Gravy loss is much greater than air thawing. Material weight increases by 0.5%-4.0% due to condensation of water vapor.

Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine

  1. Vacuum thawing

Oxygen concentration is very low, which reduces oxidative deterioration of food during thawing. Humidity increases, and less juice loss after thawing. Some thawed foods have poor appearance.

Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine

Development prospects of microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat:

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standard and the quality requirement of life, food safety is always the focus of our attention. It is urgent to protect the environment and save resources. Extensive production mode has not met the requirements of the times.

In recent years, the reliability and practicability of microwave equipment have been improved continuously. Compared with traditional thawing methods, microwave equipment has the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, low operating cost, high product quality and easy control.

At the beginning of the development of microwave technology, many shortcomings of microwave equipment have been thoroughly improved. Now microwave thawing is the preferred thawing method for food processing enterprises and also the development  direction of food thawing technology in China.