Microwave Defrosting Machine For Seafood

Now the living standard is getting better and better, we have a lot of opportunities to taste some delicacies, I believe that a lot of people like to eat seafood, seafood is rich in nutrients, taste quite different. Since seafood has a short shelf life, it is usually frozen so that delicious seafood can be eaten in inland areas. So how do you defrost it when you eat it? Leader Microwave Equipment’s seafood microwave thaw machine is a good choice.

Frozen seafood

Advantages of seafood microwave defrosting machine

1.Continuous production

Seafood microwave thawing machine adopts mechanized production mode and equipped with automatic control system, which can realize 24-hour continuous production and greatly improve production efficiency.

2.No pollution, energy saving and environmental protection

Different from the traditional water thawing, the seafood microwave thawing equipment uses microwave for thawing, which can avoid the environment from water pollution, and realize the saving of water, and there is no excess energy consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection.

3.Improve the safety protection function

Microwave thawing machine is a large microwave thawing equipment, but the safety performance is very superior, will not cause damage to frozen seafood, at the same time, the operator will not be dangerous.

4.Less investment, small footprint

Using microwave defrosting machine to defrost, not only can defrost seafood, some other materials can also be defrosted, and the equipment volume is small, small area, can help manufacturers greatly save production costs.

5.Do not destroy nutrition

Microwave penetration is very strong, the use of microwave defrosting equipment to defrost, can be defrosted in a few minutes, and will not destroy the nutrition of seafood, keep the original taste of seafood.

Microwave defrosting machine for seafood

Model and technical parameters of seafood microwave defrosting machine

Input powerThree phases 380 v + 10%,persist 50 hz
Environmental temperature0 to 35 or below
Relative humidityBelow 85%
Working rangeNo inflammable, explosive, corrosive gas, less dust
Microwave frequency915 MHZ
Microwave cavity materialStainless steel
Control methodPLC +Touch screen control
TemperatureImported far infrared temperature measurement
Magnetron coolingWater

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Principle of seafood microwave defrosting machine

Microwave thawing method refers to the thawing of frozen seafood under the action of a certain frequency of electromagnetic wave. Traditional thawing of frozen seafood is done at room temperature or in a heated room (or hot water). Because frozen seafood has higher thermal conductivity than non-frozen seafood, heat transfer in the melting process is carried out from the surface to the inside. When the thawing temperature is certain, the heat conduction of the outer layer is slower than that of the inner layer, and the thawing time is longer, which is easy to cause juice loss and affect the quality of the thawed seafood. The penetration of microwave energy at low temperature is strong, and the dielectric characteristics of ice. The quality of fresh meat can be obtained by thawing and tempering frozen seafood with microwave. It is also beneficial to make better use of seafood raw materials and further processing after thawing.

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