Invincible opponent of chilled meat——915 Microwave Thawing Equipment

With the rapid development of modern life, our speed of life has become tense, and our way of life has become fast and convenient. The emergence of frozen meat products even more meets our needs.

After the pig was slaughtered, after a certain period of time, the extensibility of the meat gradually disappeared and lost its elasticity. In order to prevent it from breaking down before use, all must be frozen to prolong the time of meat preservation.

microwave thawing equipment microwave thawing equipment

With the constant development and creation of our company, as well as the years of unfreezing experience and advanced technology, the high-tech unfreezing equipment _ 915 microwave thawing equipment is well received by the large-scale manufacturers and has good sales in the global market.

Mechanism of 915 microwave thawing equipment:

Microwave thawing is the use of polar molecular vibration to produce elastic collision with surrounding molecules, friction and heat generation, and its heating mode is generated from the interior of the product material. This method has the advantages of low production cost, high efficiency, no bacterial growth and small occupation area of the product, which is incomparable to other technological methods.

microwave thawing equipment

Characteristics of 915 Microwave Thawing Equipment:

1.the heating is uniform and the thawing speed is fast.

Because microwave can be heated directly inside the material, there is no need for conduction process. It only takes 2 minutes for a piece of meat in 25 kilograms to rise from-15 degrees to-4 degrees. The thawing time is changed from “hour” to “minutes”.

2.Saving investment, environmental protection and pollution-free.

It saves a large number of shelves and space needed for natural thawing, which can be thawed in packaging, reduces the requirements for sanitary environment, and avoids the waste of water resources during water thawing. If there are 8 self-prepared wells in a certain beef processing plant, the water can be pumped from the ground continuously for 24 hours to be used by the upper unfreezing workshop. This is a great waste of water resources. And the oil-containing sewage formed after the thawing is added to the sewage treatment, and the loss of the grease substances is caused.

3.the nutrition of the material is ensured, and the material is free of corruption.

Because microwave thawing is a refrigerated process, the mass propagation of bacteria and the exudation of material thawing fluid are avoided, and the meat loss rate is reduced. In microwave thawing process, 915MHZ has longer wavelength than 2450MHZ, and its penetration ability is stronger, which is more suitable for processing bulk food materials, and this frequency is more suitable for thawing process.

microwave thawing equipment

With the rapid development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, the quality of food has become a point of general concern to the people. Moreover, nowadays, the demand for food is increasing day by day, and the traditional thawing method can no longer adapt to the rapid development of society. In order to meet the needs of food processing enterprises in China, through continuous research and exploration, our company has developed a leading domestic microwave freezer for meat products. The microwave working frequency is 915MHZ and the power output is above 20kw-200kw, which can meet the requirements of product quality and output of different manufacturers.

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