How to defrost chickens?

Chicken is a very common food in our daily life. It is widely eaten by both adults and children, so it is in great demand. In order to meet the market demand, the chicken needs to be transported in large quantities, and then the chicken suppliers will freeze the chicken, so how do you defrost the chicken when you cook it? Leader Microwave Equipment company’s microwave defrosting equipment for frozen chicken is a good choice.

Frozen chicken

Advantages of frozen chicken microwave thawing equipment

  1. High thawing efficiency

Different from the traditional thawing method, the microwave thawing machine of frozen chicken uses the method of microwave thawing. The microwave can penetrate into the inside of frozen chicken for thawing, so that the inside and outside of frozen chicken can be thawed at the same time, making the thawing efficiency very high.

  1. Defrost evenly

Because it can defrost the inside and outside of the frozen chicken at the same time, so the frozen chicken microwave defroster defrosts very evenly, there will be no the phenomenon of outside has been thawed, but the inside is still frozen.

  1. Preserve nutrients and taste

The most important thing for food is nutrition and taste. The frozen chicken defrosted by microwave defrosting machine has the same internal and external taste and rich nutrition, while the traditional defrosting method defrosts the frozen chicken with inconsistent internal and external defrosting and different taste, and a large amount of water impact will cause the loss of nutrition.

  1. Clean and sanitary

The whole operation process of the microwave defrosting machine is carried out in the stainless steel container, which is very clean and tidy, and the defrosting chicken produced is also very clean and sanitary.

  1. Simple operation

The operation of microwave defrosting equipment is very simple, ordinary workers can operate, greatly reducing production costs.

Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen chicken

Model and technical parameters of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen chicken

Microwave power100KW(Adjustable and customizable)
Microwave power100KW(Adjustable and customizable)
Dehydration rate100Kg/hr
Power supplyThree-phase five-wire 380V
Microwave frequency2450MHz
Height of inlet and outlet80mm
Transmission band width900mm
Transmission rate0~5 m/min(Frequency conversion)
Drying temperature80-120degrees(Adjustable and controllable)
Dimensions(length, width and height)About 15230*510*750mm

Microwave defrosting equipment

Difference between frozen chicken microwave defrosting equipment and traditional defrosting method for frozen chicken

The traditional thawing method is air flow thawing, which has many disadvantages.

Air flow defrosting has the means of moving air and still air. The temperature difference between the frozen chicken and the air and the air flow velocity are adjusted to transfer heat to the frozen chicken through the water pressure of the surface boundary layer of the frozen chicken, so that the frozen chicken can achieve the purpose of temperature return and thaw.

Although this thawing method has strong adaptability and little investment in equipment, it can be used for thawing no matter how big the frozen chicken is, but it is not worth the loss due to its long time, low efficiency and the breeding of bacteria.

Using the frozen chicken microwave defrosting equipment for thawing, through the microwave directly make frozen chicken inside and outside at the same time for thawing, short time, high efficiency.

Now the application of microwave technology is more and more widely, such as frozen seafood microwave defrosting equipment, cloth microwave sterilization equipment, red dates microwave drying equipment, etc. In our side appeared more and more microwave equipment, with the development of the times, high-tech equipment has been more and more, if we can comply with the development of the times, use frozen chicken microwave thawing equipment well, I believe we can have a big leap in the future!