Advantages of Industrial Microwave Defrosting Equipment in food industry

Microwave defrosting equipment is a new type of defrosting equipment, the equipment is widely used, can be used to defrost a variety of materials. There are a variety of microwave defrosting devices on the market, and after careful comparison, We have finally bought Leader Microwave Equipment’s industrial microwave defrosting equipment. It has excellent properties and has great advantages in the food industry.

 Industrial microwave defrosting equipment

Advantages of industrial microwave defrosting equipment

1.The industrial microwave thawing machine has a long service life and can be continuously produced and maintained according to the general mechanical and electrical products. Microwave defrosting equipment with fault display system, easy to disassemble and replace parts.

2.The appearance of meat products thawed by industrial microwave defrosting machine is consistent with that of fresh meat, only power distribution and a small amount of cooling circulating water are needed, and other special conditions are not required.

3.No pollution, microwave defrosting equipment can temperature 25 kg of meat from -25℃ to -2℃, more energy saving and environmental protection.

4.Microwave defrosting machine can make frozen food defrosting more uniform, protein, color and other quality does not change.

5.The meat thawed by microwave defrosting machine is easy to cut, which can realize continuous production, no pollution, energy saving and environmental protection.

After using the microwave thawing equipment, we found that the equipment can help us improve production efficiency, and the quality of the materials thawed out is very high, which is a rare good equipment. At the same time, the equipment has a variety of different models, manufacturers can choose different equipment according to their own needs.

Microwave defrosting equipment

Model and technical parameters of industrial microwave defrosting equipment

Input powerThree-phase five-wire 380V±10%  50Hz
Microwave frequency915MHz
Microwave power75KW,Thawing capacity 1.5 tons/h
Microwave cavity material304 stainless steel
Microwave size11000mm×1200mm×800mm(L×W×H)
Control methodPLC+Touch screen control
TemperatureImported far infrared temperature measurement
Magnetron cooling modeWater cooling
Floor space30 square meters
Cooling systemWater cooling unit or cooling tower(Optional)
Installation conditions, ambient temperature≤0~35℃;  Relative humidity:≤85%

Leader Microwave Equipment is a professional Microwave Equipment company. Its various Microwave Equipment products enjoy high popularity in the industry. For example frozen shrimp microwave defrosting equipment, mushroom microwave drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment of vegetables, are sought after by manufacturers. The performance of industrial microwave defrosting equipment is superior, which is incomparable to many traditional defrosting methods.

Difference between traditional thawing method and industrial microwave thawing equipment

Traditional thawing characteristics: for thawing with water dissolution and natural thawing, the energy is mainly transferred through heat conduction. Since the heat conduction is first heated by the surface of materials, the surface of frozen products is easy to be heated to generate water, which reduces the heat conductivity and slows the thawing speed. Microwave sources with a frequency of 2450MHZ or 915MHZ were used. When heating, microwave penetrates the inside and outside of the material and heats it at the same time. It does not need heat conduction. It can be thawed with the package, fast speed, low energy consumption and environmental protection. Defrosting requires fewer operators and a good working environment.

Frozen chicken leg                    Frozen food

After the industrial microwave thawing equipment thawed materials, thawed without color changing, without meat loss, juice loss, can retain the original nutrition and taste, so by the majority of consumers praise. The equipment can thaw a variety of different frozen materials, whether frozen meat or frozen seafood, etc, can be thawed, to achieve a multi-purpose function.

In the rapid development of science and technology today, the emergence of microwave technology is inevitable, the application of microwave equipment will make our production development have a qualitative leap!