Thawing of frozen chicken feet

Nowadays, there are more and more snacks. Among all the snacks, chicken feet are very popular. Whether it is watching TV series or watching movies, you can have a good time while eating chicken feet. And chicken feet contain rich calcium and collagen, eat more can soften blood vessels, but also have the role of maintaining beauty. Because chicken feet have a short shelf life, which makes storing and shipping difficult, so chicken feet are usually frozen, so how do you defrost chicken feet? Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s frozen chicken feet microwave defrosting equipment can defrost chicken feet very well. Advantages of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen … Read more

Advantages of Industrial Microwave Defrosting Equipment in food industry

Microwave defrosting equipment is a new type of defrosting equipment, the equipment is widely used, can be used to defrost a variety of materials. There are a variety of microwave defrosting devices on the market, and after careful comparison, We have finally bought Leader Microwave Equipment’s industrial microwave defrosting equipment. It has excellent properties and has great advantages in the food industry.  Industrial microwave defrosting equipment Advantages of industrial microwave defrosting equipment: 1.The industrial microwave thawing machine has a long service life and can be continuously produced and maintained according to the general mechanical and electrical products. Microwave defrosting equipment with fault display system, … Read more

Microwave Defrosting Machine For Seafood

Now the living standard is getting better and better, we have a lot of opportunities to taste some delicacies, I believe that a lot of people like to eat seafood, seafood is rich in nutrients, taste quite different. Since seafood has a short shelf life, it is usually frozen so that delicious seafood can be eaten in inland areas. So how do you defrost it when you eat it? Leader Microwave Equipment’s seafood microwave thaw machine is a good choice. Frozen seafood Advantages of seafood microwave defrosting machine: 1.Continuous production Seafood microwave thawing machine adopts mechanized production mode and equipped with automatic control system, which … Read more

How to defrost chickens?

Chicken is a very common food in our daily life. It is widely eaten by both adults and children, so it is in great demand. In order to meet the market demand, the chicken needs to be transported in large quantities, and then the chicken suppliers will freeze the chicken, so how do you defrost the chicken when you cook it? Leader Microwave Equipment company’s microwave defrosting equipment for frozen chicken is a good choice. Frozen chicken Advantages of frozen chicken microwave thawing equipment: High thawing efficiency Different from the traditional thawing method, the microwave thawing machine of frozen chicken uses the method of microwave thawing. … Read more

Thawing of frozen pig trotter

I believe many people like to chew pig’s trotters very much, pig’s trotters are not only delicious, but also contain a lot of collagen. Eating pig’s trotters regularly can strengthen bones and improve beauty. Meat products such as pig’s feet are very easy to damage, so we usually freeze them. So how do you defrost pig trotters? The pig trotter microwave defrosting equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can effectively help us. Frozen pig’s feet Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen pig trotters: Fast thaw The frozen pig trotters microwave defrosting machine uses microwave defrosting, which can penetrate directly into the inside of the pig’s feet for … Read more

Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine, take you into a healthy life

Shrimp and meat food are nutritious and tasty. They are indispensable food on our table.Food across the sea can keep fresh and delicious without the help of advanced freezing and thawing technology. Shrimp meat microwave thawing equipment protects your healthy life. Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat: The microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat has a fast speed. Microwave can heat the inside and outside of the material simultaneously without conduction process. For example, microwave can raise a piece of meat in 25 kg from – 15 ℃ to – 4 ℃ in 2 minutes. Microwave shrimp meat … Read more

Invincible opponent of chilled meat——915 Microwave Thawing Equipment

With the rapid development of modern life, our speed of life has become tense, and our way of life has become fast and convenient. The emergence of frozen meat products even more meets our needs. After the pig was slaughtered, after a certain period of time, the extensibility of the meat gradually disappeared and lost its elasticity. In order to prevent it from breaking down before use, all must be frozen to prolong the time of meat preservation. With the constant development and creation of our company, as well as the years of unfreezing experience and advanced technology, the high-tech … Read more

Microwave Thawing Equipment for Meat

At present, the meat used by meat processing enterprises can be divided into cold fresh meat, hot fresh meat and frozen meat. Frozen meat is hot fresh meat or cold fresh meat frozen to-18 ℃. Frozen meat has the advantages of long shelf life and easy transportation and preservation, and has been widely used in meat processing enterprises.  Principle of microwave thawing equipment for meat produced by leader microwave equipment company: The meat microwave thawing equipment, similar to the industrial microwave 915 MHz, acts directly on the frozen meat. Under the action of the microwave field, the polar molecules generate heat by the alternating … Read more

Gigot Continuous Microwave Thawing Equipment

Frozen food can inhibit the decomposition of food by most microorganisms, prevent food corruption and deterioration, and prevent physical and chemical changes in food, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term storage. Most frozen foods need to be thawed before they can be processed and eaten. Thawing is a time-consuming and laborious process for large frozen products. In industrial production, the appropriate thawing methods should be selected for different thawing objects, not only the thawing rate should be considered with the quality of thawed food, but also the yield, equipment, working environment and other factors should be considered.   … Read more