Low Temperature Microwave Thawing Equipment LD1705

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Jam is a gelatinous substance, it is called fruit sauce, which is made of fruits, sugars and acidity regulators and uses more than 100 °C. Making jam is a way to preserve fruit for long time. Jam is mainly used on bread or toast. In order to ensure that the jam can be eaten directly and the nutrients are not lost, it is very suitable for the method of low temperature thawing. No matter what small fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, grapes, rose fruit, large fruits such as plum, orange, apple, peach can also … Read more

High Power Industrial Microwave Thawing Equipment LD1703

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Microwave thawing quickly heats the frozen product from -42 to -18 degrees celsius to -2 degrees celsius and become a non-drip state that makes use of microwave penetration and selective heating characteristics. The necessity of high power industrial microwave thawing equipment: At present, most of the thawing equipment is 2450MHz 1kW, which is synthesized by multi-tube power. The efficiency is low, and the penetration depth of the meat package is shallow. Most of them need to be equipped with steam heating and thawing function before and after thawing. The process is complicated and the … Read more

Microwave Seafood Thawing Equipment LD1702

Introduce Advantage Model Parameter PDF Download PDF Traditional aquatic product processing enterprises mostly use natural thawing or spray or pool flow hydrolysis of frozen aquatic products. This method has long thawing time and the quality of thawing products cannot be guaranteed. LD1702 microwave seafood thawing equipment uses cold water atomization to form cold and humid air flow to thaw seafood, it can redece energy consumption, thaw a lot of seafood, Improve thawing efficiency, it can play a fresh-keeping effect, maintain the original quality of seafood .During the thawing process ,it can inhibit or kill bacteria and have good antifouling effect. … Read more