Thawing of frozen beef

When the living standard is getting better and better, we begin to pursue high quality of life, many people like meat, it can be said that no meat, no pleasure, in all meat food, beef can be said to be widely praised. Of course, beef also has a lot of benefits, not only can benefit the stomach, but also can play a role in promoting recovery, delaying aging, so beef has been popular. When a large amount of beef cannot be eaten in time, it is frozen, so how to defrost it? The Leader Microwave Equipment company’s frozen beef microwave thawing equipment can be very good for thawing.

Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen beef

  1. Thaw evenly

Unlike water thawing, frozen beef microwave thawing machine uses microwave thawing method, and microwave can directly act on the frozen beef interior, making the frozen beef inside and outside at the same time to defrost, so that the thaw is very uniform.

  1. High thawing efficiency

Microwave thawing is adopted, so the frozen beef microwave thawing machine can be completed in a few minutes, greatly shorten the thawing time, defrosting efficiency is very high.

  1. It can thaw a variety of materials

Microwave thawing machine can not only thawed frozen beef, but also thawed a variety of frozen materials, equivalent to a device can be used for a variety of purposes, very widely used, greatly improve the practicality.

  1. Easy operation

The simple operation of the equipment can help manufacturers save labor costs, and the microwave defrosting machine is very simple to operate, do not need extra hands to complete the thawing of frozen beef.

  1. Clean and sanitation

The hygienic standard of food has always been a very serious standard. The microwave thawing equipment is not only very hygienic, but also produces very clean and hygienic thawed beef. 

Model and technical parameters of microwave thawing equipment for frozen beef

Microwave operating frequency915±5MHz
Microwave output power40KW(The power is infinitely adjustable)
Defrost efficiency1.5-2t/hr
Microwave feed into the wave ratioLess than 2(Rated load)
Microwave magnetronFrequency 915MHz、Power 20KW/each
Microwave system cooling systemmagnetron(water cooling)、Transformer(oil cooling)
Magnetron life≤2000hr
Manufacturing standardsIt conforms to the national GB10436-89 standard ≤5mw/cm2
Meet GB5226 electrical safety standard
Product shape size(L×W×H)About:10455mm×820mm×1900mm

Differences between microwave thawing equipment for frozen beef and traditional thawing methods

In modern production methods, the commonly used thawing method is water thawing. Although thawing with water is effective in thawing beef, there are also many disadvantages. For example, water thawing will waste a lot of water resources, and the thawing time is relatively long. Because the water thawing is from the outside of frozen beef thawing gradually to the inside, there will be uneven thawing phenomenon. Frozen beef after the impact of water flow, there will be meat quality loss, but the use of frozen beef microwave thawing equipment will not have these problems, not only efficient thawing uniform, thawed out of the beef is also nutritious.

The beef thawed by frozen beef microwave defrosting equipment was well received because it retained the original nutrition and taste. The most important reason is the advantage of microwave technology, now a variety of microwave technology is more and more widely used, such as frozen seafood microwave defrosting equipment, vegetables microwave sterilization equipment, microwave drying equipment of green tea, have appeared in our life. Now is a rapid development of the era, want to get higher profits, must seize the wave of science and technology, good use of microwave equipment, we believe that the future will be very beautiful!