Thawing of frozen beef

When the living standard is getting better and better, we begin to pursue high quality of life, many people like meat, it can be said that no meat, no pleasure, in all meat food, beef can be said to be widely praised. Of course, beef also has a lot of benefits, not only can benefit the stomach, but also can play a role in promoting recovery, delaying aging, so beef has been popular. When a large amount of beef cannot be eaten in time, it is frozen, so how to defrost it? The Leader Microwave Equipment company’s frozen beef microwave thawing equipment can be very … Read more

Frozen Block Microwave Thawing Equipment LD1706

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF In the northern region, the temperature in winter is extremely low, and most of the water-containing materials stored in the factory are easily frozen into blocks, such as coal, coke, clean coal, iron ore, blue carbon, activated carbon, manganese ore, iron ore, white ash, gypsum, Iron powder, iron ore, bauxite, slag, bauxite. The frozen block brings great inconvenience to the transportation, processing, separation and application of the next step, thereby causing unnecessary loss to the production. In the northern part of the country, the method of freezing is to build a large warehouse with … Read more

Microwave Frozen Food Thawing Equipment LD1704

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF In order to preserve the food, it is often necessary to freeze the food during transportation, and the food needs to be thawed when it is needed.At present, it relies mainly on static thawing, the efficiency is low and the existing thawing machine does not have a purification device in the process of discharging sewage, it is likely to cause environmental pollution. Microwave frozen food thawing equipment can solve the problem. Features of LD1704 microwave frozen food thawing equipment: 1.The frozen food microwave thawing equipment is fixedly connected with fixed blocks through both sides … Read more

Microwave Defrosting Pork Equipment LD1701

Introduce Advantage Model Parameter PDF Download PDF The LD1701 microwave defrosting pork equipment uses the polar wave vibration to generate elastic collision with surrounding molecules and frictional heat generation by the action of electromagnetic wave high-frequency radiation. The heating method is generated from the inside of frozen meat products. It has the advantages of low production cost, high efficiency, no bacteria growth and small footprint by using of this method to warm the defrosted food. Due to the moisture content fat meat in pork is much lower than that of lean meat in the process of microwave thawing and tempering. … Read more