Low Temperature Microwave Thawing Equipment LD1705

The LD1705 low temperature microwave thawing equipment directly acts on the whole seabuckthorn fruit that needs to be thawed by the microwave generated by the magnetron through the waveguide and the microwave. The microwave is deepened into the interior for heating and does not require a heat conduction process, thereby achieving simultaneous heating inside and outside, greatly saving thawing time and improving production efficiency.

Microwave defrosting equipment is a new type of defrosting equipment, the equipment is widely used, can be used to defrost a variety of materials. There are a variety of microwave defrosting devices on the market, and after careful comparison, We have finally bought Leader Microwave Equipment’s industrial microwave defrosting equipment.
Seafood microwave thawing machine adopts mechanized production mode and equipped with automatic control system, which can realize 24-hour continuous production and greatly improve production efficiency.

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